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Spectroscopy and Chromatography Technology

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Since 1958, providing excellence in Spectroscopy and Chromatography

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Molecular Spectroscopy
A comprehensive range of instruments covering the Far UV to the Terahertz region

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HPLC, SFC Systems, Software and Modules
The LC-4000 Series is the next generation of integrated HPLC and SFC systems, with a small footprint, and stackable modules for versatile system building for simple analytical analysis to complex method development and preparative scale separations.

Jasco Solutions Book


JASCO Total Solutions Book

Download the latest JASCO Solutions Books for Spectroscopy and Chromatography, a collection of applications where users can gain a better insight of various techniques.

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JASCO Conferences

JASCO will attend the three following Conferences dedicated to Chirality Molecular Chirality 2023 – JAPAN Chirality 2023 – ITALY CD 2023 – JAPAN Molecular Chirality

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UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer

JASCO UV-Visible/NIR spectrophotometers provides an excellent optical system with wide wavelength range for a diverse array of applications. For scientists performing spectral characterization, thermodynamic studies,

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