NeXt Generation FT/IR Spectrometers

The FT/IR-X Series offers a highly configurable optical system applicable to virtually any Infrared
application, from simple mid-IR measurement to more complex analysis in the farthest reaches of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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LC-4000 UHPLC system

LC-4000 Versatile HPLC

With the introduction of HPLC in the mid-1970’s JASCO’s experience in highly sensitive and accurate optical systems led to the development of a very versatile of chromatographic systems.

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JASCO Spectra Manager Ver.2.5 CFR BeStSel

Circular Dichroism spectroscopy is an easy and rapid method for obtaining information on the secondary and tertiary structure of proteins in solution and can be used to directly evaluate the protein structural change caused by heat.

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Palmtop Raman – PR-1w

PR-1w is the user-friendly, handheld Raman spectrometer that everyone can use immediately after delivery, and measurements can be made in only 2 to 3 minutes

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JASCO Conferences

JASCO will attend the three following Conferences dedicated to Chirality Molecular Chirality 2023 – JAPAN Chirality 2023 – ITALY CD 2023 – JAPAN Molecular Chirality

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