Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

J-1500 CD spectrometer

J-1500 allows for the maximum flexibility to upgrade your CD system with different measurement techniques. While the standard measurement modes are CD, LD, and absorbance, up to four simultaneous modes can be measured when combined with a wide range of sampling accessories.

J 1500
J-1500 Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer

Intrinsic fluorescence can be measured on the J-1500 spectrometers, with either the single-position Peltier cell holders (PTC-510 and PTC-517) or turreted six-cell Peltier (MPTC-513). A simple low-cost system for detection of total fluorescence is available using a secondary detector and high-pass filters allowing the user to select the excitation wavelength while detecting the emission at the wavelengths above the cut-off filter.

This allows for simple, yet sensitive, detection of fluorescence changes during titration or thermal ramp experiments. Alternatively, fluorescence data can be acquired by using the optional scanning emission monochromator (FMO-522) and emission detector (FDT-538). Excitation and fluorescence emission spectra can be scanned by fixing the emission or excitation wavelengths, respectively.

System Features

HTCD Plus - High Throughput CD spectrometer

The HTCD Plus allows automated scanning measurements using pre-programmed parameters. The autosampler can be set to maintain the microplate rack or vial rack at a constant temperature to avoid sample denaturation or evaporation, and a system case further protects from sample contamination.

The flushing method is pre-programmed for protein or DNA/RNA samples to eliminate sample carry-over, and the method is also customizable with up to three flushing solvents. The system allows samples to be recovered following measurement, and batch data processing includes secondary structure and comparability analysis.

HTCD Plus 1
HTCD Plus – High Throughput Circular Dichroism

With Spectra Manager CFR™ User Management Based on the dual security category ([Access Level] and [Work Group]), it is possible to manage different authorization process in flexible and independent as total analysis systems, instrumentations and analytical applications. JASCO Spectra Manager is designed and developed under ALCOA+ and is a total solution platform to create accurate and complete data where Data Integrity is assured.

System Features

J 1700
J-1700 UV-Visible/NIR Circular Dichroism spectrometer

J-1700 CD UV-Visible/NIR Spectrometer

Stopped-flow measurements involve the rapid mixing of two or more solutions to trigger a chemical reaction, the kinetics of which can be followed by CD, absorbance and fluorescence. All probe methods can be measured on the same instrument when the stopped-flow system is paired with a J-1700 Spectrometer as well as J-1500 model too.

System Features

J-1100 CD UV-Visible/NIR spectrometer

The J-1100 Circular Dichroism spectrophotometer is a compact, general-purpose space-saving design. This simple yet powerful instrument is perfect for users looking to obtain more routine CD measurements in both industry and academia. The J-1100 uses simple optimized parameters so that a wide range of users with different levels of CD knowledge can get right down to work and successfully obtain high quality data.

The wavelength range from 180 to 600 nm is suitable for obtaining secondary and tertiary structure measurements in the near- and far- UV. When fitted with a Peltier cell holder, the J-1100 be used for measurement of CD, LD and absorbance as a function of wavelength, temperature and time.

The intuitive Spectra Manager™ Suite of spectroscopy software provides the user with sample measurement, independent from the data processing and analysis. This allows users to obtain new measurements while simultaneously analyzing previously acquired data for increased productivity.

J 1100
J-1100 Circular Dichroism spectrometer
FVS 6000
FVS-6000 Vibrational Circular Dichroism spectrometer

FVS-6000 Vibrational Circular Dichroism spectrometer

Since the VCD signals in the infrared region are typically one or more orders of magnitude lower than ECD signals in the UV-Visible region, high sensitivity and stability are especially important for a VCD spectrometer. FVS-6000 provides accurate and highly sensitive measurement in the fingerprint region. 

The FVS-6000 uses a 28º Michelson interferometer to minimize the effects of polarization and reflective optics to eliminate artifacts caused by birefringence resulting in high quality, artifact free VCD data. The isolated mount of the IR source and the thermal control of the photo-elastic ensure long-term baseline stability required for high signal-to-noise measurement.

Phase-sensitive lock-in detection using DSP with a sophisticated algorithm developed especially for VCD offers dramatic improvement in the S/N ratio.

The FVS-6000 can measure data across a wide spectral range from 3,200 to 850 cm-1 (standard). Optional detectors and filters are used to extend the range to 4,000 to 750 cm-1, to include measurement of OH and NH bands. Detectors can be easily exchanged (without manual alignment), and optical filters can be selected automatically by a PC-controlled 6-position filter wheel.