Fluorescence Spectroscopy

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Fluorescence spectroscopy is routinely used for studying structural changes in conjugated systems, aromatic molecules, and rigid, planar compounds due to alterations in temperature, pH, ionic strength, solvent, and ligands.

A single fluorophore can generate thousands of detectable photons that can be repeatedly excited and detected, making fluorescence spectroscopy is a highly sensitive technique.

Spectrofluorometer FP-8050 Series

The new Spectrofluorometer FP-8050 Series includes four instruments that cover the entire range of applications for biological, environmental, chemical, and materials analysis.

Sensitivity is always a priority in fluorescence measurement; all instruments in the FP-8050 Series have been developed with the latest electronic and optical technologies, including a new highly stable long-life continuous output xenon arc lamp with a duration of up to 3000 hours.

As regulatory compliance and guaranteed data accuracy become increasingly important, all models include a mercury lamp and comprehensive validation as standard and a Spectral Correction tools is also available for all instruments.

FP 8550
FP-8550 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

ALCOA+ Data Integrity Spectra Manager 2.5 CFR

JASCO has been developing Spectra Manager™ Suite of spectroscopy data measurement and analysis software application for more than three decades.

The latest version complements the FP-8050 and includes many of the cross-platform tools for our entire range of molecular spectroscopy instruments with many new features that help the user get better data faster and with flexible options to analyze, store and report.

JASCO Spectra Manager 2.5 CFR is designed and developed under ALCOA+ and is a total solution platform to create accurate and complete data.