FP-8050 Fluorescence measurements


A simple, robust solution for routine fluorescence measurements such as spectral scanning, temperature dependent measurement, and quantitation.

The FP-8250 is a user-friendly, general-purpose instrument that allows for measurement with a quick press of a start button on top of the instrument. The simplified, yet sensitive design includes everything that is required for routine fluorescence measurements in a quality-control or teaching lab. The standard Auto-Sensitivity Control System (Auto-SCS) and Auto-Gain features enable measurement over a wide range of concentrations using a single calibration method. The Spectra Manager™ Suite of spectroscopy software offers full system control, with easy-to-use tools for data processing and analysis.

FP 8250
FP-8250 Routine Spectrofluorometer

System Features

FP 8350
FP-8350 Workhorse Spectrofluorometer


A workhorse system and the best choice for sensitivity and flexibility, providing solutions for a diverse range of applications with an unparalleled range of accessories.

The FP-8350 is a user friendly spectrofluorometer with a wide range of accessories that are well suited to biological research. The standard automatic cut-off filters eliminate artifact peaks due to second-order scatter, giving users confidence in their spectra data. Single and multi-cell Peltier accessories provide exceptional temperature control for thermal studies such as molecular conformation and folding. Automated broad wavelength polarizers can be used for a range of experiments including anisotropy for further insight into binding events. Titration measurements can be automated with auto-titrator units. Solid samples can be measured with dedicated holders for powders, films, etc.

System Features

FP-8550 Sophisticated optical system

Ultimate performance with the highest sensitivity and spectral accuracy

The FP-8550 is a powerfully sensitive spectrofluorometer with the broadest range of accessories, whatever the application: biological, environmental, materials science, teaching labs, and core facilities. It includes an optimized optical design for very low stray-light and enhanced spectral purity. Combined with the most thorough spectral correction, material engineers and researchers are assured of accurate measurements for the evaluation of advanced materials.

The FP-8550 performs with the highest sensitivity for fast measurement of samples with low level fluorescence, whether they are challenging biochemical systems or low quantum efficiency materials. The Auto-Gain and Auto-SCS functions optimize the S/N for samples with large differences in signal intensity and concentration offering a dynamic range up to 7 orders of magnitude. High-speed scanning of phosphorescent samples and 3D spectra enables fast acquisition of high-quality, high-density data.

FP 8550
FP-8550 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

System Features

FP 8650
FP-8650 Sophisticated Spectrofluorometer

FP-8650 - For UV-visible to NIR applications

The FP-8650 spectrofluorometer uses a uniquely red-sensitive PMT that extends the measurement range from the UV-Visible to the near infrared. Providing excitation wavelengths from 200 to 850 nm and emission detection up to 1010 nm, samples such as carbon nanotubes, porphyrins and other NIR markers can easily be measured.

It is especially well-suited for monitoring NIR-labelled biologicals far away from background auto-fluorescence The compact instrument design incorporates high-speed scanning and automatic cut-off filters to exclude higher-order diffraction for fast, accurate acquisition of single spectra and EEMs (Excitation-Emission-Matrices).

System Features