JASCO Spectra Manager Ver.2.5 CFR BeStSel


The market for therapeutic antibodies has dramatically expanded over the past decades since their first approval in 1986.

Antibodies, which are proteins, form their structure and exert their activity through a complex series of non-covalent bonds and may lose their activity due to various external stimuli.

Therefore, the evaluation of structural stability is extremely important in the development and formulation of candidate antibodies.

Thermodynamic stability of antibodies is generally evaluated by DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) and circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy.

Circular Dichroism spectroscopy is an easy and rapid method for obtaining information on the secondary and tertiary structure of proteins in solution and can be used to directly evaluate the protein structural change caused by heat.

Recently, Micsonai et al. developed the BeStSel algorithm that can accurately estimate the secondary structure composition from the CD spectrum by taking into account the parallel-antiparallel orientation of the β-strands and the twist of the antiparallel β-sheets.

BeStSel has the following features:

  • High estimation accuracy for a wide range of proteins, including β-structure-rich-proteins such as antibodies
  • Providing eight types of secondary structure information
  • A capability to predict the protein fold following the CATH classification
  • An open web server

While many academic researchers use the BeStSel web server, researchers in biopharma who need to work in a GxP environment have not been able to benefit from BeStSel.

To make BeStSel accessible to biopharma, JASCO developed Spectra Manager™ Ver.2.5 CFR BeStSel as an add-in software for Spectra Manager™, a control and analysis platform for CD spectrometers, which is compatible with GxP.

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