NeXt Generation FT/IR Spectrometers

The FT/IR-X Series offers a highly configurable optical system applicable to virtually any Infrared
from simple mid-IR measurement to more complex analysis in the farthest reaches of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Corner-Cube mirrors

High-quality FTIR measurements start with the precision and stability of the interferometer. That is why the JASCO FT/IR-6X and FT/IR-8X spectrometers utilize a Michelson interferometer with corner-cube mirrors for permanent alignment to prevent light-path deviation, eliminating the need for dynamic alignment.

High resolution measurement

The highly accurate 28 degree Michelson interferometer and near frictionless moving mirror offers class-leading resolution down to 0.07cm-1 on FTIR-8X.

Wavelength range

The FT/IR-6X and FT/IR-8X spectrometers can be configured for any spectral region within the measurement range 25,000 cm-1 to less than 20 cm-1.

Automatic beam splitter and window exchange allow uninterrupted measurement across the entire spectral range.

JASCO can also provide the FTIR system which enables to perform the broad band measurement (6,000 to 30 cm-1) without switching optical elements. In addition, its system can be applied to vacuum system, which can get the entire spectral data from mid-IR to far-IR without the influence of water vapor and CO2 in atmosphere shortly.

Rapid scan and step scan options

For time-resolved measurements, rapid scan option is available for FT/IR-6X and FT/IR-8X.

Rapid scan provides measurement up to a maximum of 40 Hz.

Step scan measurement options are also available for FT/IR-8X. Step scan offers microsecond and/or nanosecond measurement options. Step scan measurements require an infinitely repeatable and reproducible experiment.

IR Microscope

The IRT-5000/7000 Series FTIR Microscopes provide many innovative features that dramatically improve infrared micro-spectroscopy analysis. The IRT-5000 with single point detector or IRT-7000 with MCT Linear Array FTIR microscope systems can be used together with any FT/IR-4X or FT/IR-6X/8X Series spectrometers, offering the most advanced IR microscopy and imaging systems.

FTIR-6X with IRT-5200