JASCO Conferences

JASCO will attend the three following Conferences dedicated to Chirality Molecular Chirality 2023 – JAPAN Chirality 2023 – ITALY CD 2023 – JAPAN Molecular Chirality 2023 June 15, 2023 – June 16, 2023 Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan This symposium provides the opportunity to discuss and exchange the information about all topics related to “molecular chirality”, and […]

Chiral-Induced Spin Selectivity Effect

10 positions for Doctoral Candidates JASCO Europe and CISSE Doctoral Network are happy to advertise 10 positions for Doctoral Candidates (DCs) in several organisations across Europe and in Israel, all members of the Horizon Europe Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action Doctoral Network entitled “Chiral-Induced Spin Selectivity Effect“. An announcement has just been published on EURAXESS 10 positions for […]

UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer


JASCO UV-Visible/NIR spectrophotometers provides an excellent optical system with wide wavelength range for a diverse array of applications. For scientists performing spectral characterization, thermodynamic studies, and quantitative measurements for advanced bio- and materials research, who need confidence in the accuracy and reproducibility of their measurements and rely on the results. V-700 Series comprises five distinct […]

Fluorescence Spectroscopy

FP 8550

Fluorescence spectroscopy is routinely used for studying structural changes in conjugated systems, aromatic molecules, and rigid, planar compounds due to alterations in temperature, pH, ionic strength, solvent, and ligands. A single fluorophore can generate thousands of detectable photons that can be repeatedly excited and detected, making fluorescence spectroscopy is a highly sensitive technique. Spectrofluorometer FP-8050 […]

FT/IR-4X – Infrared Compact High-Grade

spectrometersft ir 4x 02

The FT/IR-4X is a powerful Mid-IR FTIR spectrometer (wavenumber range 7800 to 350 cm-1), with many features that you find in a research grade instrument, such as non-hygroscopic KRS-5 windows to prevent damage to the interferometer. A temperature controlled DLaTGS detector and a high output ceramic source for maximum sensitivity. Permanent optical alignment is guaranteed […]

JASCO CPL Spectroscopy

Circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) offers different and complementary information to other chiroptical techniques such as Optical Rotatory Dispersion (ORD), Circular Dichroism (CD), Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD), and Raman Optical Activity (ROA), since it reflects the structural properties of the excited state. CPL signal itself is the intensity difference between left and right circularly polarized light […]

Analysis of Microplastics

NRS 4500 Rp

Analysis of Microplastics are possibly the greatest hazard to the environment since the ozone layer depletion and global warming. Unfortunately for life on Earth, microplastics are now spread across the entire planet. The race is on to identify the nature, cause, and effects of these materials, and to find suitable remedies for environmental clean-up. Scientists […]

qHOS – Higher order structure similarity evaluation software

qHOS 1 ok

The demands of therapeutic antibody are increasing day by day, and CD spectroscopy attracts attention as the tool for assessing the higher-order structure of proteins quickly and easily. The international council for harmonization ICH-Q6B guideline recommends CD spectroscopy as one of the methods for physicochemical characterization of biopharmaceuticals, and there is the requirement for an […]

MIX Observation

MIx observation

In Raman microscopy, the quality of sample observation is essential for identifying suitable measurement points. The NRS Series of Raman spectrometers can be used with various types of observation: Bright-field (epi-illumination), Bright-field (transmitted illumination), Dark-field, MIX, Polarized and Differential Interference. This article introduces two of these methods: Dark-field and MIX observation, which are recommended for […]